Such a beautifully written book is consisting of both prose and poetry. One can notice how Naga the book is with all the local references. I was quickly at the last page of the book rummaging through the well written and relatable prose. The book cleverly starts with reference to true love or how theContinue reading “TRUE LOVE KEEPS MOVING: BOOK REVIEW”

True Love Keeps Moving: A Book Review

By Dr. Kevileno SakhrieTrue Love Keeps Moving: A collection of prose and poetry by Wedekhro Naro is a 112-paged work featuring 7 stories in prose and 20 poems published by PenThrill Publication House, Kohima, Nagaland. In this work, the author moves from the rural towns and villages of his home state Nagaland to Mumbai inContinue reading “True Love Keeps Moving: A Book Review”