Such a beautifully written book is consisting of both prose and poetry. One can notice how Naga the book is with all the local references.

I was quickly at the last page of the book rummaging through the well written and relatable prose. The book cleverly starts with reference to true love or how the author found his true love. However, by the time you finish the prose section, you will find an intriguing journey of self-discovery.

The book focuses on the relationship between the author and a girl whom he loved and lost. i loved how the book fiddles in bits about the author’s take on love and lust. We can experience the author’s wit and his surprising references of Nagamese words. I can say it was a pleasant surprise and I liked it.
Finally, as you go through the book, you will be treated with actual mentions of the author’s crushes, which makes the whole reading experience better. I couldn’t help myself from crying when the author’s crush Chanmi died. It was heartbreaking. I really loved how the author wrote about his relationship with God and how God is never angry with us no matter what our life has been and that God loves us just the way we are. i couldn’t pick any favorite from the poetry section as it were all beautifully written. ” some people are in love, but they’re not together; others are together but not in love.”

By @vetalu_vivi_theyo


They say a true writer is like a bottle of old wine, gets better with age. Writing is a marathon race, which Wedekhro Naro has decided to take up. His bio says he did his majors in English Literature from Kohima College, and at present, he works with Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait. Kuwait is one of the Gulf countries, but we are not here to discuss Kuwait. Hence, let’s talk about his book.
True Love Keeps Moving is like a combo pack, a shopaholic will know the worth of such offers. The book has seven prose and twenty poems. Like most of the narration which we read these days, Wedekhro’s five prose is written in the first person.

The first prose titled True Love Keeps Moving has been picked as the name of the book, rightly so. I t has been narrated with the help of 53 pages (begins in page-7 and is dragged till page 60.) The other prose are expressed within the limit of 3-8 pages. The Unpaid Reviewer has observed rain, umbrella, and food joints play a vital role in Wedekhro’s stories. The readers will get a feel of sitcoms; indeed, in good humor, the first prose can be subtitled as Naga Christian Version of How I Met Your Mother, the difference being this time, the audience is not Ted’s kids but the readers. As for the poems, The Unpaid Reviewer is not able to pick the best among the equals. Although the themes are generic, it is nevertheless worth revisiting.

True Love Keeps Moving also projects a redemptive Christian spirit filled with hope, self-control, second chance, love, friendship, and above all, seeking for and identity in front of God. However, it is not a Christian romance novel; hence, the age of the readers should be 18 and above; well, it can be debated. The Unpaid Reviewer will quote a paragraph to justify such an opinion, “…I went and kissed her with tears in my eyes. We both looked at each other and lay on the bed. Anything can happen when two people of the opposite sex are together. It was silent and dark outside. I was told that a man’s greatest weakness is sex. in a couple of minutes, we were both naked. my heart started to beat so fast when i saw her beautiful virgin body standing in front of me…” (p.20)

Some of the readers will find themselves faced by the writer. Although the book has its own limitations, the strength of the book lies in its honesty and the raw emotions, which the writer has boldly and articulately presented. The pride of owning the work of any first time writer is awesome; hence, Wedekhro Naro’s True Love Keeps Moving should occupy one of the corners in your bookshelf.

By the_unpaid_reviewer.



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Author: 1- THE UNFINISHED STORY 2-TRUE LOVE KEEPS MOVING. Get your copies from (online), The King Chilli Restaurant Dimapur, Crossword Kohima, Penthrill Publication House Kohima.

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