The Unfinished Story: Book Review

By Asenla Yanger (Professor and Research Scholar)

Why do you keep some quotes/pictures as your wallpaper?… Because they have a special corner in your heart and today, my phone’s wallpaper so well equates to my new read “The Unfinished Story” by Wedekhro Naro..“If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die,” and be it Jen or Lulu or Atele, Ade has forever kept them alive by giving them the breath of words.



It isn’t so easy to keep your eyes and mind fixed on something post-surgery, but this work caught me hooked till I took a deep heave of satisfaction after turning to close the back jacket of the book. Strings have been so meticulously strung by the author when he speaks of the trends society is in like the addiction to social media and using it as a means to find love, which to some is miraculous yes miraculous going from ‘online to offline'(pp.11 ). While to others, it only causes some heartaches causing other addictions and ills to flow in and then we sit back and question ourselves if wishes always come true or ‘is it true that we only wish for what is never ours?'(pp.75). Tough thoughts, isn’t it? I loved how beautifully the youth of Nagaland are highlighted and inspired to come back to their own land and support their roots. Go to page 49, and you will know why ‘the government is becoming inadequate, and Nagaland is becoming a place for lazy people.’ Twenty-four beautiful poems after “The Unfinished Story” are beautifully crafted to themes of love, life, living, letting live. Wonderful is when a man becomes feminist, realizing the fact that not every time a woman is to be blamed, but many times fault lies in men in disfiguring women. Please let men accept when she says, “I am nobody’s baby/I pay my bills/And i take care of myself.”(pp.54).


Which is the most satisfying moment of the day for you? It’s “that feeling that moment…when you tell everything shamelessly stupidly boldly to God.”(pp.69). I love you Ade for this particular poem ‘SATISFIED’..and my heart palpitated heavy reading “Therapy” because Plato said it right, “at a touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.” Thank you, @wedekhronaro, for this bundle of happiness. Gratitude to @penthrill for keeping readers like us alive.



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