As you read this blog now, there are thousands of people dying due to pandemic and other diseases. How lucky we are to be alive and enjoying all the privileges, a roof above our heads, food on the table, and the internet to connect each other.
Within these few months, our life has changed forever, and we don’t know what our future holds. No one knows what will happen next, but what we all know now is we are all alive, and I think it’s enough for all us to be thankful and appreciate what we have.
Today as we observe Appreciation Day, I want to thank and appreciate the management for all the love and care you have for us. Thank you for always checking on us through social media, your hello and hi to us mean a lot. I have never seen or heard any company doing what we are doing. The transparency of the management during this pandemic is quite a recommendable one. I hope it will continue even if this pandemic is over.

Mr. Didier Jardin (GM of Four Seasons Kuwait) a man of vision with an excellent leadership quality addressing his team members through private Facebook live chat.

We know how hard it is to take care of the well being of a massive number of staff with different nationalities and groups, we appreciate you all for accomodating our silly request and cheering us up during this tough times.

This pandemic has divided us one way, but it also has united us in many ways, the social media which brought us all under one umbrella is more relevant during this time than before. The inter-relation amongst the different departments is bearing more fruits than before, various departments, and positions working together as a team, be it at Darna or the hotel is such a fantastic outcome. This pandemic has also unleashed all the hidden talents of individuals and groups alike, be it singing, dancing, cooking, etc. please continue to follow your passion.

Riviera Team having a zoom chat with Skander and Cosimo.
Riviera Team having a zoom chat with Skander and Cosimo.
Observing Earth Day at Darna- Four Seasons Kuwait Staff Accommodation

This crisis has also taught us to retrospect our past and prepare ourselves for the future while staying alive. Martin Luther rightly said, ‘Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.’ Let’s not lose hope but keep improving our skills and knowledge in whatever field we may all belong to.

At least we all have a story to tell in the future.

Our lives will never be the same. We will all change, and we will all adapt to it. One day when this is over, we will all reflect on this crisis, and it will surely bring us tears and joy. We will all stay alive and live and tell this experience to our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Thank you for staying alive!

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