Dear Ex.

I have come to a point in my life where I am no longer afraid of losing you. I am headed to a place and baby I wish you were there. But now, I am completely okay if you are not there at all because baby, I know enough heartbreak to stop expecting. I used to be so afraid if I arrive and you won’t be there in the end, and you’ve said enough to let me know that you are afraid too, if I’m not where you end up. But baby, I love you enough to let go of you. I love me enough to be completely okay with me as I am. And one thing you can take from me is this- that you should love yourself enough to be okay just as you are, without a company on the front seat of your car.
I have learned to walk alone, to work alone, to be alone.. But that sounds all too paradoxical because I’m never actually alone. I have my Saviour’s promise that broke down all my walls. So you see, I can never be alone in my singleness because I am in deep communion with my King. The King that gave me a purpose, the King that assured me a destiny. As my desires slowly shifts from you to serving my King, my prayer is this- that baby I pray daily that we are headed to the same direction, pursuing the King of all Kings and the Lord of all Lords.
Because I am adamant and convinced that no man will ever measure up if his heart is not in love with my King.
Jesus has set the bar too high for me- a man loving a woman because I’ve tasted how Christ loved the Church. And unless you’ve tasted His love, how can you point me to my King for the rest of our lives?


Your Ex.

Aduo Keduoneinuo Solo

(This letter, written by a beautiful friend of mine who is having a major breakthrough in her life. It was a struggle and it takes time but she is overcoming the obstacle day by day through His grace. She also wrote one article which was posted earlier in this blog – RELATIONSHIP GOALS she wrote this during her transitional period. I posted her articles on my personal blog because I don’t want to keep those beautiful words unread by someone who might be having the same issue like us. One can also relate this article to my own WHY I DON’T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?, it’s about how I struggled and move on by forgiving myself. Like she did, I’d also written a goodbye and thank you letter to my ex. It’s not easy to write to someone whom you are going to meet them often in life but telling them ‘we are over.’

“The best gift you can give to someone is to let them go and be themselves, even when you know it’s hurting you so much. You let them go not because you hate them but because you love them so much… I promise you baby you will enjoy the journey without me.” I really appreciate her for taking a bold step by choosing a healthy and righteous relationship.)

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