For those of you whom I grew up as a kid might agree with me that my dad was a bad dad. Who always beat up his kids for playing and not being home on time, he was a kind of dad who never compromised with anything when it comes to educating the kids. I grew up in a place where my dad set the rules, and we, the siblings follows them, but at the end of the day we ended up following our own rules and get beaten up before the dusk. I have never seen Hitler but my dad seems like him, very strict. He would even beat up a neighbor’s kid if found guilty. I hated my dad so much for always controlling my life. He always chooses a friend for me and those friends are my brothers. He used to boast himself that he knows who is bad and who is good, he make sure that we don’t fall into bad company.  I don’t know how many beating I got it from him, maybe I should get an award for surviving those beatings. I stole money; get caught. I stole milk powder; get caught. Run away from school; get caught. Forgot to carry water; get caught. Pretended to study; get caught. Smoked tobacco; get caught, and you know what happens when you get caught, it’s like a movie, your hands and legs were tied, and there your villain started beating you up. You keep lying until you couldn’t endure the pain anymore.

After my dad had done his part of beating his sons, my mom would come and showered grace to us. With tears in our eyes we would say sorry for what we did, and promise not to repeat, but within twenty-four hours you are as naughty as you again. I remember myself that I was a stubborn kid back then, I still do. I don’t give up on things so easily; I always hang on and received the beatings too. I remember asking my grandpa for an orange biscuit, I don’t know if he had any money that day. I cried my hell out for the biscuit; it was 4 Rupees per pack. I begged for an hour, my grandpa could do nothing but to hand over the last 4 Rupees to the vendor in exchange of my favorite biscuit. I miss my grandpa so much; I would buy anything for him if he is still alive. I am sure he is smiling up in heaven looking at me and what I have become.  

After my high school education, I never see my dad as an angry dad. He becomes the most beautiful dad ever; the smile, the humor and everything about him cannot be compared. I am not scared of him anymore instead I am scared of losing him. My dad and mom would narrate the stories how we all grew up, the fights, the troubles, the pain, the good and bad times etc. I will vote for my mom and dad for being the most influential humans on earth, no matter what happens in life, they will always be my number one.

They sacrificed everything they had for me and my brothers. They admitted us in a private school; they set our foundation better than someone, if you are able to read what you are reading now, then, remember it’s all because of my parents. People laughed at them for spending money on education, even my relatives mocked my parents for giving up everything for their children. I don’t know how they managed to pay our school fees. My family is like a refugee, we don’t own anything, not even a single piece of land though we are officially the citizens of Chizami. Though my parents had nothing they never give up on their dreams of educating their children, they have done their parts, they have shown us the world; they have guided us; they have done everything; their dreams are fulfilled. They are the best humans ever.

Right now you might be thinking that God is angry with you, I have been there too, I hated my dad so much as you have read it, but I never knew that he love me so much that he gave up everything for me, what my parents had done was not to harm me but to build me up, and today I am where I am through His grace. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- (Jeremiah 29:11). I know you are going through a hard times, maybe the things which should be yours are not turning towards you; maybe you are facing challenges in life and you think it’s God who is behind your failures or difficulties; maybe you have come to a point where enough is enough; maybe you just want to give up on everything; maybe you are just a shit; maybe you are not loved; maybe you are in bondage; maybe nothing is right in your life; maybe someone is abusing you; maybe you are not rich; maybe you are rejected; maybe you are ignored; maybe you want to die; maybe and maybe I don’t know what’s going on in your life. What I want to say is take a deep breath and remember you are loved by God. If you want a proof that God loves you then, here it is in John 3:16, “For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not die but have everlasting life.”

“When you go home tell them of us and say for your tomorrow we gave our today.” – WW-2 cemetery at Kohima Nagaland.

My dear beloveds, like my parents, who gave up everything for their children, no matter how stupid or dull we were, they saw us that one day we will be somebody. They didn’t give up. So, if my worldly parents could do that, then, imagine the love of our living God. God knows you are dull, stupid, sinner, cheater, rapist, murderer, etc. but he gave His only son to get you to heaven. Like my grandpa’s last penny, God’s last penny is Jesus and that is more than enough to buy the whole world an orange biscuits.

If God hates you or is against you, then, he would never let Jesus died for you. Remember no matter what kind of person you are, I want you to know that God does not condemn you anymore because of Jesus. Maybe you are like the woman caught in adultery, and the whole world is against you, and you thought not even God will forgive you, baby please read this verse of John 8:10-11 Then Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are your accusers? Has no one condemned you?” “No one, Lord,” she answered. “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Now, go and sin no more.” This is the power of grace. Our God’s dream is to see you in heaven with Him; let us help God in achieving His dream by receiving the blood of Jesus, by achieving His dream we are receiving the unmerited; unearned; undeserved salvation.



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