These days I am so much into dating and relationship stuff.  For those of you who have read my friend’s post on “RELATIONSHIP GOALS” might have some idea about what real relationship or dating is all about. I am not an expert in this field because I never  had an official girlfriend so far and I am not thinking to have one till the day I am ready to hold her hand forever. Who knows you might be my missing rib. Honestly, I have lots of friends who are ladies and some are so close and some even more than close friends. I don’t know why my brothers are all the same as me, always after ladies. Maybe our instinct is telling us the absence of ladies in our family except my mom. We never know or experience sisterly love or the pain and hardship every sister went through. Our family is like all boys gang, the yelling; the fights; the beating; etc. I can’t imagine how my mom endures all the troubles we created for her, not that we are trouble makers all the time, but as we guys often failed to understand the core issues of household things.
Talking about girls or about dating in the family is like a taboo, and moreover who would share those to our parents when we were young, right? I still don’t really feel comfortable sharing it to my mom and dad about ladies whom I like, especially if she is from our village. I think, I was seventeen when I heard about menstruation and the pain women go through. It was hard for me to believe such things, but as I mature more in age and thoughts, I discovered more than usual in women. One of my friends told me that she usually gets pissed off during her period, other says the pain cannot be compared and many more which I couldn’t even mention here.  

The one thing which women have and men don’t is the natural self-control. Men react very quickly when it comes to sexy things whereas women don’t. I was on a date with this lady; I was so in love with her, she was a world to me. My life was just confined to her. That day I lost self-control, we kiss each other, and we went beyond our limits. We were both semi-naked on the bed. Before we went further she pushes me away and dressed up. I had a guilty feeling after the incident because I was trying to commit a sin against my own body. I just thank God that I didn’t have sex with her, or else I won’t be writing this article today. The reason why I am not ashamed to share my sexual story is because I don’t want somebody else to fall like me. After a year I was with the same girl again, same place; same situation; we were both alone; the night was dark. I tell you if someone calls you for a date at night, remember devil lives in a dark place. Never go out with someone after the dusk, or if require call your siblings to accompany you. The temptation was still there, the animal instinct in me was so strong but I tell you the power of the Word is much stronger. I remember the Word of God in the Bible – 1 Thessalonians 4:3-7 For this is the will of God, your sanctification; that is, that you abstain from sexual immorality;. I also remember how Joseph fled from sexual temptation (read Genesis 39:12) I didn’t ran away like Joseph, in fact she refused to let me come any closer. After this incident I promise not to date anyone in the dark, or in a private place. 

If you are dating today, remember someone is watching you. Don’t you ever regret your date make it simple and memorable one. Let me give you some tips on dating so that you won’t fall into temptation- Never date in a confined room or place unless you are engaged- Take her out in the street or café where everyone can see you- A side hug will make a big difference don’t go beyond that- Talk about the love of God and grace- Don’t sit too close to each other unless you are taking a selfie, remember we have the longest hands and dirtiest mind- Be honest but lie a little bit- Go home before 4 pm for Kohima people wahaha.

You may say that I am the most unusual guy in the world, because I am not usual. I am totally different from anybody else. Recently, a close friend (girl) of mine requested me to buy her a sexy cheeky from Victoria’s Secret store, I was like what the heck did she requested. It’s not that I can’t buy for her, but I dare not enter the store and bargain on sexy under wears. I dare not look at those though I want to see. My love for her and the friendship is bigger than my fear of entering a panty store. I faced the fear at the store, acting normally and paid the bills. I don’t know how I am going to handover those to her, only God knows. I sent her the pictures and she was freaked out that I really did it. She said she can’t wait for my arrival which is a long way to go. She promised to have one more date with me by the end of the year. We named it as ‘Secret Panties Date.’ I can’t imagine myself handing over those sexy inner wears to her.

The forbidden store for guys and a heaven for girls. This is my second official visit to VS store. It was last year in this store funny incident happened to me- “…The weirdest thing happens at the Victoria’s Secret. I was just checking some perfumes and secretly staring some garments. When all of a sudden the most beautiful girl greeted me with a seductive smile. As I pulled out one handbag to check the price tag, I saw someone approaching me; it was she. “Sir, for your wife?” She asked smartly. I nearly fainted; I started to sweat; my brown skin turns reddish. “Uh mh ah ahem no no for my friend.” ” wahahah
The cheekies; only for girls. wahaha I don’t know if it will fit her or not. The size is extra small and I am regretting now because last time I when I saw her ass from behind, she deserve a bigger one. Forgive me Lord if my caption is leading someone into unknown place. wahaha


All the above things will be common to some of you, but as for me it’s a strange thing as I never grew up in such kind of environment. I never knew, a tiny transparent underwear could make someone so happy, yet a tongue slip from the underwear can kill you forever.

P.S- it’s not an easy task for me to buy bras and under wears for ladies, because you have to know the size. I am not buying anymore wahahhahaha



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