Yesterday, as I was at my work place and God gave me the idea to write about my old slippers. I was at the elevator with some of my colleagues, they were smiling at me, and some even started to laugh. I was sure something was wrong with my face or dress. One of my friends asked me if I just woke up and went straight to work. She pointed at my old slippers and they all had a good laugh. I forgot to change my footwear, I was wearing an old blue slippers, I bought it from Dimapur on 26th Nov. 2014. This pair of slipper are so attached to me that I took them with me to Kuwait.

 I also had one yellow T- shirt which I wore it all the time when I was in Mumbai, one day my friend’s girlfriend took it away intentionally, because they both don’t want to see me wearing it again. I miss that T-shirt even today, as the quality is good plus easy to wash. One day the girl who stole my yellow T-shirt called me up saying that she used to wear it and commented that it’s very comfortable. I told her to keep it safe as I still have a soft corner for it. I also had one black sweater which I gave it to my younger brother after being with me for four years and it’s still good. Last time when I was on vacation I wore it with pride after asking permission from my brother, I went for a date wearing that old sweater. I still remember the shop where I purchased it six years ago.

“My six years old sweater that covers me when I went for a date with my dream girl.”

Today, at the pool area I asked my friend why the two ladies never changed their bikinis, as they were wearing the same color and design for three consecutive days. We both laughed with dirty mind. Later, my friend shared his friend’s yellow shirt and blue jeans collection story. So we both came into conclusion that those bikinis were comfortable or closed to them.

“This is favortie yellow T- shirt, as you can see it from my smile.”

I am sure many of us have something which is so personal to us, that we don’t even want to throw it away, though it is no longer useful. I have seen people repairing their cars hundred times and spending huge amount and time on that old car. I also see people still using an old black and white phone though they have money to buy smart phones. There are so many of our personal belongings which we are so attached to it, no matter how old or ugly it looks like. As for my old slippers, I still want to keep it though it’s very old and discolored, not only materials but even in our daily life, no matter how often a husband and wife had an argument, at the end of the day they will both sleep together and make love.

So, my point here is, it is our love for them that we want to keep them, just like that, God wants us to be with Him no matter what our condition is, He loves us just the way we are. You might be like my old slippers that my friends were laughing at, but I tell you, they don’t know the love story behind it. They don’t know how much I love it. My beloveds, don’t let society defines you, be yourself. It doesn’t matter what people say about you, it doesn’t matter how sinful you are, it doesn’t matter how stupid you are, what matter is God love you so much that He gave His only son Jesus (John 3:16) in exchange of our sins and shortcomings. You might not have the knowledge or power to influence people but God can still use you in an unexpected ways. “A bruised reed He will not break, and smoking flax He will not quench, till He sends forth justice to victory.” (See Matthew 12:20) 

“My old blue slippers. I feel so blue without them.”

My beloveds, don’t be discouraged when you see yourself behind someone be it in spiritual or worldly things. You might be in addictions, broken hearts, bankrupt, or just don’t know what is happening around you, maybe you just don’t want to live this life anymore, maybe you just hurt somebody, or committing an adultery, no matter how hopeless you feel. Maybe you don’t need Him or want Him because you went too far that you think God will never forgive you. I tell you God love you just the way you are. He just wants you, he needs you in heaven.  He wants you more than anything else in the whole world. It’s like my old slippers don’t needs or wants me but I want them and need them. No matter what my favorite shirt smells like, I will still love to wear it, or maybe I will put it for washing and won’t mind waiting to let it dry. God is not done with you, He is waiting for you.


Published by Wedekhro Naro

Author: 1- THE UNFINISHED STORY 2-TRUE LOVE KEEPS MOVING. Get your copies from (online), The King Chilli Restaurant Dimapur, Crossword Kohima, Penthrill Publication House Kohima.

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