Yes! You read it right that I am still for clean election. You all have seen or witnessed what had happened: the beauty and ugly side of election. One must be wondering why I should come up with the topic of clean election again when it’s all over and settled.

Election enemies becomes your best friends and your election friends becomes your worst enemies. The parties or groups that travels up and down and talks to you like an angel during election are nowhere to be found, you hardly see anybody waving at you. We all have heard or seen that lives are just turned into objects.  Families are broken; friendships are broken. Proxies are still considered as fashion, polling officers failed to exercise their power, re-polls are on the process and the list goes on. All you do now is go back to your own field and resume your own profession. The end! Game over!

I must say the clean election is a successful one though I know things are not right in our own family. I say it’s a success because for the first time in the history of Nagaland election many families decided not to sell their votes, this is the first step of clean election. I believe there are hundreds of families  who decided to clean their own family before pointing fingers on someone, I bless you all; keep going, we have a long way to go. I also believe there are some families that are divided between clean and unclean election, I tell you, you are just one step behind, don’t give up but keep on cleaning.  Maybe your brother or your dad have a choice but decided not to follow what is right, do not blame them but instead tell them it’s not too late to change though election is over because we are going to run miles and miles again. Tell them to join the clean election with you because this campaign is not confined to just a season but it is a continuous process; as long as the state exist this campaign will continue. I am sure NBCC will agree with me and it will continue to fight for clean election. NBCC have sown the seeds, it is up to each and every individual to destroy or to nurture. It’s our choice.

Some of you might be surprised why I emphasis so much on this campaign when my dad was a unit member in one of the political parties. You must have seen him going house to house doing which are not allowed in the constitution of India. I have no doubt in that. I called up my dad and I can proudly say he is honest, he didn’t take any money. But, what he and the other agents did to the voters need to be changed. So what am I saying here is, there are two types of people. The voters and the candidates; and one can see clearly from my family. One can say my dad represents the candidate who tries so hard to win the election by any means and the rest of my family represents the voters. I am not blaming my dad here I am just so proud of him, because he never lied to me. He promised me that our votes are not for sale. This is one hell step he took it for clean election. He took one step this time though he failed to take the second step. Dear beloveds, the whole point of talking about my kitchen here is, we Nagas are not bold enough to point a finger on our own when we clearly know something is not right. Instead we waste our time finding a fault in someone. We blame the govt. officials, people in power and so on for everything when we all know solution and corruption starts from our own small family.  I am sure my dad will be very proud of me because he always reminds me to be honest and truthful in what I do. I am sure he is proud to have a family like us. And I pray that he will take one more step very soon to clean election.

So, you have read it how a Naga family during election is all about because I represent a Naga as a whole. I am sure everybody has their own stories and I would love to hear them too. I have no doubt that some of you have accepted a few thousand bucks in exchange of your vote, you took it because you are broke as you are jobless since December, all your earnings are gone during Christmas and New Year parties and election was the only source of income. You accepted the money because you need to pay your children’s school admissions and fees; you need to send pocket money to your children studying in the cities. You had a choice not to take it but you did because it was the only chance in five years.

I am sure some of you have washed your hand by saying that you didn’t accept money or buy votes during election. And now you are a proud citizen but deep in your heart and in your file you want something if your candidates comes to power, you might have already budget everything, like how much you will gain from this and that project instead of the real development. Some of you need a good vehicle, and you’ll ask because you did everything for that person to let him be in power, as if your vote carries hundred votes. Some of you will demand a job instead of asking the govt. to create more job opportunities. The list goes on and on, your representatives can say no to all these but he’ll say yes and let you have it all  because he wants to be elected next time too. So, there are two types of people in the process- one who takes money before election and one who takes it after election. And at the end nobody gets development. This is our story and our society.

I think some of us have failed some way or other, but we can all still change. Our representatives are supposed to bring developments and opportunities to our constituencies, yet we stop them by asking our own personal share. We started eating the seeds before it turns out to be a fruit where it can feed many families. I was sharing to my mom and dad how a small development can change a generation. I am so proud and thankful to my grandfather under whom the Civil Hospital Chizami (Now primary health center) was born. It’s a small hospital but when you really studied the details you will know there are hundreds and thousands of people that got benefited from that small development. I personally want to ask those people who are going to form a govt. this time. Please give us development, create more job opportunities by bringing better infrastructures and we will show you the real Nagaland.

The other day I was talking to my uncle about clean election and what he said was true, “Unless the youth of our generation started to have a work culture, chances are less to have clean election.” I totally agreed with him, we the youths are failing to do our job; we are looking for easy money; we are looking for four hours jobs that pays high; we are looking for a jobs where we can be the boss of the bosses; etc. we are still looking because we are over qualified for all those jobs and so we become jobless because there are no such jobs in our state, we have to create one.

“Know your roots and your roots will lead you to clean election and a better society.” (Seen in a picture is a friend of mine working towards a sustainable development by going back to her roots.) Image: Aduo Solo

Let me tell you my story how I was failing and how Jesus pulled me out. I was working in Mumbai when I got a call from my dad that there are some chances that I could get a job in Police Department through officers’ quota (I believe there is no such thing). He told me that a friend (a church worker) of his knows one of the officers and he recommended that I should take it. His intention was good; he wants to help my family but in a wrong way. It took me one week to think about it, I say yes but on one condition, that, it should be a level of Sub Inspector. I prayed to God that I am failing and I promised to God that I will do my job well if appointed. God was silent. When God is silent then there is something happening. This appointment never happened. I praise God for rescuing me from it before I totally fall. If ever I was appointed, then there are going to be four people who will be known as a corrupted people- me, my dad, that church worker, and the officer. Thank God we are all safe. I am sure there are lots of cases in your own kitchen, how your brother or your sister gets a job. No doubt, you will be a slave to that person who appointed you no matter what. I am not telling you to quit that job, I am just telling you that you are forgiven and now it’s your duty to give your best to the society.


Whenever I do anything mischievous my dad used to always catch me. I just hate him sometimes because he was always after me and he still do, but I don’t hate him anymore. I love him more because he teaches me with an iron rod when I was young, that’s why I am bold enough to write this. God never allows me to fall totally; He’ll always come and rescued me before I fall completely. I remember one day in my work place where I was caught for slinking a tip that was mean for the whole team. My boss summoned me to his office and asks me if I took the money. I could have said that I didn’t, I could have told him I kept it in the tip box, and I could have walked out from his office as a guilty free man.  But my conscience would not agree with me. I said I did it. My boss thanked me for my honesty and closed the case or else I would be fired that day. See, this is how God rescue His people.

I think we are all like Peter in the bible who was with Jesus and have seen everything from healing the sick to raising the death; from calming the sea to walking on the water; from turning the water into wine to multiplying the young boy’s meal, etc. He has seen it all but when the last hour comes he changed his mind set and denied Jesus. I think Nagas are like Peter; we all know that things are not right but like Peter we are afraid to stand for the truth and just ignored or denied it.  The Peter story goes on; he repented and become the foundation of the church. Dear beloveds, let us learn from him, yes we had failed to do our parts, but all hope is not lost; it is never too late to start again.  For one moment let us forget the ACAUT, NSF, and NTC, Students ’ unions, Hohos and even NBCC and look at our own family. Let us all look back where our parents, our brothers and sisters have gone wrong, let us look at ourselves in the mirror and think what we have done or failed to do in this corrupted system. Let us all unite our hearts and minds and ask where corruption, unclean election, illegal things, war and bloodshed, etc are coming from, it all start from the individuals and from family. Let us all question ourselves and repent like Peter. We all failed but not fully fallen.


The reason I am writing this is because I have been through all; I have been in corruption; I cheated people in my work place; I lied to people; I broke the promises; I failed to be honest in simple things, etc. I have seen it all and experienced it all. This is the reason I am writing to all of us, let us all contribute a small thing for the change. Maybe, just one step to do good and one step back to do bad. Let us stop blaming the authority for corruption. Let us stop pointing fingers on Churches or NGOs. Let us change our mindset and start from our own kitchen. Let us be honest with our family. Let us say black is black and white is white. Let us not allow our conscience to blame us. Let us be honest with ourselves.





Published by Wedekhro Naro

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