Every year I used to go for a vacation just to enjoy the roots from the cities. This time I went home with a different mindset, I came to judge maybe because election is around the corner or I don’t know. I questioned myself why my govt. is so poor and individuals are so rich? I am not saying the individuals should be poor, it’s their hard works and smartness that makes them stable and rich; what I am saying is why on earth a govt. should be poor when she have lots of funds from outside world. I see people living in villas and owns a luxurious cars, but I see my poor roads and shaky offices.I don’t know why, I couldn’t find the answer.

I went home that day wanting to talk about society with my parents, because I felt like I haven’t done anything for the society. We sat around the fire place and I asked my dad if he is for clean election. “Yes, but my son…” I know what my dad wants to say, so I looked at my mom. She replied, “You guys decide.”

I looked at them, I felt sorry for myself because it’s like a tradition that taking money for vote is normal thing for many of us. I remember agents visiting my house and throwing money, we used to happily accept it, buy a bag of rice; mustard oil; eggs and even meat, we even paid our school fees too, those were the days when I don’t know what is good and bad.
I took a deep breathe and smile, “Daddy! Mommy! those days were over. Let’s change.” I challenged them that if a candidate gives them ten thousand rupees, then, I will give them twenty thousand rupees, I told them to choose which figure they want. We all laughed as twenty thousand is higher than ten.

I went back to Kohima as my vacation was getting over, I told my parents to think about the figure for sometimes. I met my three brothers there in the capital, Aku Naro and Micüte Naro they were both expecting a huge amount this time from our right hand candidate, they even sent their budgets to my parents. I asked them if they want anything during election, in unison they say, ” Of course we want good quality shoes. our shoes hardly last for a month as the roads are terrible.” I checked my wallet and I know it’s running out but I better let them learn something. So, that day we went for shopping, that was the happiest day of my life. We ate galho and drank lemon tea. I told them not to ask any money from the candidate, they both smile as they have their new shoes. (not a good one though)
My elder brother 
Tshetsholo Naro who is always busy in his room editing videos and photos don’t care much about election thing. All he need to do is buy one full frame camera and that’s all. All he asked was, “Brother, I am feeding three bellies including mine, so you know what you can do for me.” He smiles.

My vacation finally gets over, I went back to Kuwait. Everything is back to normal. My mom called up while I was having a cup of coffee. “Ade, we are all on the same page. I have spoken to your brothers and your dad too. We will do it.” Knowingly I asked her what she mean to say. She sarcastically says, “We should sponsor our candidate.”

The concept of Clean Election was rooted in my mind while I was in the college, I think it was during 2012 when NBCC first started this. I remember my college friend Atuonuo Ruth Vizo introducing me to one rally that was held at Kohima, later that afternoon she took to me DDK to attend a panel discussion on Clean Election where Dr. Hovithal Sothu was one of the panelists. That changed my life and I am so thankful to both of them, because of them I am now reaching my family members to start this clean election mission. The bible says, “When you know the Truth; the Truth will set you free.” The election happens not too long after the rally, I voted for the first time in my life. The candidate gave my parents a few bucks as a voter’s fee, my parents informed me that they had taken the money. I immediately warned them. They returned it the day before the election. I still feel proud when I remember that moment and how I could resist that money when I didn’t even had a single penny. It is the power of Jesus that keeps me going.

Today, I have seen a lots of negative comments about Clean Election campaign. People accusing the church for playing politics and so on. I want to tell those people, “If you want to change then do it now because you know how to change. You know very well how clean election is all about. The clean election will be only possible when you change a little bit. It doesn’t matter if you will be like a black sheep, you don’t have to follow the crowd. I tell you nothing is more hurting than your own conscience accusing you for not choosing the right way. Change is possible: let’s do it together. Amen!”

I have also seen a few people tirelessly working for the clean election in spite of all the criticisms they are receiving everyday. I tell you, “Keep going, do not stop. It might take years and even decades but let us keep going. One day or other day our children will enjoy the fruits which we have sown. Now, you are reaping the fruits which you have sown to me six years back, It’s more than a hundredfold. I know it will take more than what you expected but it will definitely come one day. Let’s us all keep going. Amen!”

P.S – I am not voting this time because I am out of the country. Best of luck to all the candidates and vote wisely dear voters.



I am too expensive to be bought!

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